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Trailriders is a family oriented 4x4 club dedicated to responsible four wheeling, cooperative multiple use of recreational resources, and protection of natural resources.

Upcoming Trail Rides:

Winter Trail Run Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fall Trail Run  Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday September 25-27, 2015
  • Check out last years (2015) video footage from this event - see rigs of all sizes from stock to very buit trucks and buggies
    • Part1 -Trillium Valley, Marvins Mountain, Melvin's Farm
    • Part2 - Newbie Ravine, Camp Trails, Dana 35 Repair, Dead Horse
    • Part3 - 3pm Hill - very built buggies attempt 3pm hill
  • The MN Trail Riders host our Fall run; This is open to the public; located near River Falls Wisconsin. Complete Fall Run Details including trail conditions, FAQ's and video's from past years.
  • Get your 4x4 ready!!!!

Trailriders is again accepting applications for membership. In general terms, we are a short wheel base club who's main interests are trail riding and rock crawling. The vehicles in our club range from completely stock Jeeps to large Jeeps built for serious rock crawling and trail riding. Club members trail vehicles are required to be licensed, insured, street drivable and must have a quiet exhaust system with a fully baffled and spark arresting muffler. Trailriders is kid friendly and the entire family is invited to every event and meeting. Take a look at the membership information and safety requirements and then E-mail the club at info@MNTrailriders.org if you think Trailriders is the right club for you.

Occasionally things get out of hand and bad things happen to good people, or dumb things happen to smart people.  Sometimes you just forget that the bleeders are supposed to be at the top of the caliper;)  Click here for our Ooops page.

We aren't into 'muddin', but plenty of other clubs in Minnesota are, so please check the Mn4WDA Web page if that is your interest or if you are looking for a different type of club. There are many different types of clubs in the Mn4WDA and we are sure that there is a club that is right for you, even if Trailriders aren't.