Trail Report: Golbert OHV Park April 2004 

Author: Bob Culbertson 

The schedule was to be on the trial between 9 and 10 am. I "had" to stop Tobies in Hinkley for some bacon and eggs or it just wouldn't be a trail ride. I asked Adam Towley to come up with us in his XJ since he has not been up to the park yet. So, Adam and I got in around 9:50. Plenty of time to unload, renew my OHV tab, and hit the trail. Whoops! Wait a minute; we are one Jeep short teal in color, I believe. OK, so we hit the trail at 10:30. Since Chuck blew another engine in the stretch-flatty (Chuck got about a full mile out of this engine, I think) he hopped in the CJ with me and the group went straight for Money Talks.

As Chuck pointed out, it's sometimes tough to break a trail when you're the smallest one out there. I had to winch out of the first two obstacles on the trail. So the new 9.5 made quick work of that. But I did make it through the mud pit with the log across it (does this have a name?) Dan took the left line at the mud hole to see what the bog area would be like just over a little ridge. Turns out there wasn't much traffic down that side for a reason you go up to the rocker panels in muck. Time for Dan to winch out. Keith and Dave played on the rock pile on the right line, and then ended up crossing over the log along the main route. Adam wasn't about to give up and using all the lift and rubber he had, along with a keen sense of "listening to the spotter" made it through the boulder patch. Very good work. Dan busted his rear passenger side shock mount on the front half of the trail somewhere past this obstacle. I think Dan's break was the worst damage of the day.

The rest of money talks was fun, but it seems like it was a little less difficult than before same for yo yo. But they opened up some new trails east of yo yo that had some nice boulder patches, off camber stuff, and some yet unraveled moss covered stones that would make for really difficult passage. We took lunch, thanks to Lisa for fixin' up some sammos and home made cookies, and went back up money talks and over to the gorge.

The CJ was making some weird clicking noises now so I parked it to "let it rest and see if it stopped", and let the big boys through the pass. The first half was easy flattened out by countless trucks I suppose. So the tall crew took the left line with the larger rocks and boulders. Some of them looked as big as my CJ! Needless to say, I stayed on the traditional line of the trail after giving Stubs a needed rest. The second half was a bit tougher. But by this time my arms hurt from the steering, and my right knee was giving out from the constant brake pressure I needed to apply. I know I keep saying this but power steering and brakes just have to be in my future. Anyways, Adam lead the team followed by Keith and Dave through the "tough stuff" along the left side. I honestly don't know how these guys made it through good spotting by Chuck, some excellent driving, and some well built rigs. This took the better part of the afternoon to get through but it was a really good show. Amazingly, no broken shafts, u-joints, or hubs!

After the gorge Keith, Dave and Adam went back to the parking lot and Dave and I went over to Ted's Revenge. My knee hurt too much so I stayed up top and watched Dan work his way through. That damn tire in the middle of the run is a pistol. You grab the thing and it won't let go, but Dan seemed to have fun with it. It was now about 4 or 4:30pm and the park was closing soon so we called it a day. Absolutely beautiful weather, great company and a good time overall. Glad I made the trek. I only smashed a rear tail light, pushed in the corner (again), and that clicking noise underneath u-joint?