Trail Report: RPM Feb 2004 

Author: Chuck Howard 

As Dave stated it was one of the most fun times I have ever had 4 wheeling. The day started with a little black ice on 94. Anna got a lesson in keeping the truck and trailer on the road in icy conditions. We got to Monotony and found Johns leak. So we loaded his jeep on my trailer and headed to RPM. When we were tech inspected we really had them confused. John started in a red jeep and ended with a yellow one for me it went the other way. The inspector did not know who went with what.

We headed out to the trails, following in the middle of the pack was not a problem. When we got to the open areas I could not resist it any more and pushed the pedal down and started to fly across the fields. The snow was about 28 inches deep so the only way to go is with RPM. (ya that place) I found that my TJ went real well at 5 grand in first high. Anna and I were laughing so hard we had to stop. Da driver in Dave J's words made a little mistake. I left the window open and let in a ton off snow. I could not see out of my glasses and the back seat was full, da. I learned a little lesson there and of we went to the other set of hills. Mike and the trail leader went to the top then Anna and I tried to follow. Pedal down and away we go. You have to understand that the snow hid all the little valleys so when we were crossing at high speed we found one. The front suspension bottomed out and then the rear came in to the hole and we launched like a skier over a berm. Air Time. Came down nice and soft thanks to air springs and kept charging up the hill. Did not make it that time but when we did I pulled up next to the trail guide and he said "did I tell you guy about that ravine? I told Mike." Mike conveniently forgot to pass it on. The rest of the day went on like that. I could not get enough of the high speed running through the deep snow. One other little woops with getting a little light on the right side, thanks Dave. Anna said it would have been OK she was on the high side.

To everyone who was there my thanks on a fabulous day and to those who did not make it you should plan on it next year.