Trail Report: Tims place November 2003 

Author: Dave Jacobs 

Well, just unloaded the junk and am finally warm! Ok, the heat worked well in the truck too, but it took a couple of hours for these old bones to warm up. Had another great outing at Tim's today, great turnout by the club. Helldorado Tim and the backhoe did a great job in upping the bar on the Norstad obstacle course. By the way Jim, there is an obstacle named the Feesl, just thought you'd like to know! And another thing, Jim, there is a certain manuever called the Feesl, usually attempted on the Feesl!! Chuck Howard did a great Feesl going backwards on the Feesl. Too funny, ya have to see the film.

Drew brought out the family in his Rubi, and we tossed some ceremonial dirt onto the tires to initiate it into the club. Ok, I made that up, but Drew took the jeep up the gravel pit wall and inititated the new jeep quite well all on his own. The usual suspects did their turns on the gravel pit and it was quite fun to laugh at most attempts. Backhoe Tim had dug out his slide rule and after careful measurements found a way to stymie the short wheel based jeeps with accurately placed holes. Apparently he's been watching CNN lately, because some of the holes where worthy of any foxholes found in Iraq! Deadly barbs were thrown at most who somehow found these holes as they tightened up while their lighter than air tires took to the sky. Steve from ORO found a hole with his right front tire, and as the weight of the jeep shifted to that side, his tie rod did the pretzel. After he lowered his jeep, way cool by the way, the rod somehow straightened out enough that he was able to climb the bunny hill and tool out to Tim's garage. He, John and others took some angle iron and welded it to the rod and he was back in action.

After standing around cooling off, really cooling off, we took to the woods on the other side of the driveway. John and I were first on the obstacle to the right that normally has 8 feet of mud and water. Tim previously drained this area and put in about 5 big boulders. I went in first and after swearing at the rocks a few times made it past these gate keepers. The uphill obstacle had a new face, a shear clay minny face compliments of Toyota Tim. Getting the front tires up onto the face was no problem. The problem was getting the rear wheels to follow! Just past the approach were two holes, one for each wheel, imagine that! No finessing here, just find a line and hit the go pedal. Since I was first, there wasn't a lot of wear on the area. After jeep 5 or 6 or so, a lot of the clay was at the bottom of the approach. I zigged and zagged and the bucket of bolts and cable ties made it up and over. John was next and got hung up with the 60 a couple of times but proceeded to the climb. He tried the right side 500 times and finally took the left side and gunned it up and over. Dan Olson caught the most air while he got sorta sideways and the howling tree monkeys descended and helped land the jeep. We pulled the cable while the tree monkeys kept the jeep on 3 wheels with the help of a secured tow strap hooked to the front bumper. Dave S. with Drew riding shotgun made it look interesting, but he hammered the jeep up and over too. After several more attempts by others, we took off to the other section of the lower forest area.

Side note, my dog smells enemy dog smells on my pants, now he's really mad at me for leaving him today! He's in ignore mode.

We had most of the new guys with us today, great to see such a turn out. Garth, Drew, Mike, Carlton, Mark; did I miss anybody? The other section as you recall, is where Tim had the big wet muddy hill climb that most didn't make in previous excursions. Last summer, I had the barbie doll riding with me and introduced her to my mud flinging 38's. That obstacle. Anyway, Tim dug and drained a new climb minus the ruts and mud. Tim was first and made it no problem. Andy was next and spun his way to the tow rope. The XJ's made it to, even though money was lost by some that predicted they wouldn't!! Don't under estimate long wheel bases! Drew was talked into trying the climb by Dave S., it took some time and maybe money, but Drew accepted the challenge and gunned the shiny jeep up and....he stopped, precariously; teetering on the left side of the berm, he found out what a jeep trophy is all about! The tree monkeys surrounded the jeep, or, since I can't recall, maybe they abandoned the jeep, but they shouted back to him to not to back up. Not a good thing. A tow strap and a jeep pulled him the final 7 inches and he powered up and out. Later, Steve hammered on the hill and found a LOT of air with the front end. Noooooo front locker. Fun to watch though!

By then it was almost 2:30, and we hadn't even tried the 10 minute trail or the other hill climbs. Not a problem though, since 3/4's of the fun is watching others and then they watch you, lots of laughter. The other side of the lower forest hadn't been hacked by the Timmer, but the trails were fun. The rut on the approach trail was deep, but nooooo water, it's winter! Climbing the far hill climb hung some up halfway, me included, because of some well placed holes, hmmmm, he said he hadn't touched that one! On top though, was a berm that required some throttle by the 5.0L because of being high centered. Now that hasn't happened in awhile! I scraped off the top and went left. That trail swings to the left and you have to take a sharp corner to the left again. Tim did dig this one out, very nice job by the way! All that tried it, made it, took some go throttle to get up and over. AFter awhile, Dave S. and I went back to the rock hill and hammered our way up that. Not as pretty that time though! Then we went back to the slough trail at the edge of Tim's land and snaked our way up and around. We went up one of hill climbs and noticed that we were alone in the area. We went back to the trucks and loaded up our junk.

Diane and Tim had hot chili, muffins, and cake for the hungry ones. Nice touch, and thanks. After much exaggerations of the days exploits, we descended to the basement to watch video to confirm or deny those exploits! After a few beers, and much yawning, bruce, me, john, and dave took to the highway. All and all, a great day of wheeling and as a personal note, I want to thank Tim and Diane for hosting us and I look forward to coming back to Range, WI in the near future!