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The MN Trail Riders invite you to our annual Winter 4x4 Run!

Pre ride: Jeep parking lot - 2013

:  Saturday February 6th, 2016
8:30am - Parking Lot opens, Registration and Tech Inspection
9:00am - Drivers Meeting
11:00am Registration Closes - if you cannot be on time be Early!

Where:  River Falls, Wisconsin

Directions:  If you need directions, e-mail us at info@MNTrailRiders.org . We are happy to provide directions and answer any questions. The event is hosted on private property and the land owners request that directions are NOT posted on the Internet.

Who: Event is open to the public; we welcome 4x4 beginners.
This is a family friendly trail-guided event, expect to have a good time trail riding your Off Road Vehicle (ORV). Your are required to stay with your assigned trail guide on the trail.

Cost:  $30 per trail ride vehicle, passengers are free

Trail Ride Requirements:  All Trail Vehicles need to pass a standard trail type inspection. At minimum, this means you need a properly mounted tow points front and rear, good breaks, good steering, a suitable tow strap, seat belts, vehicles with a removable top need a roll bar.

Recommended: Fire extinguisher, tools, a spare tire, extra cloths,vehicle insurance, and an FRS radio to communicate with the trail guides and fellow riders.

Weather: The event is open for snow, sleet or cold. Dress for the weather!

About the Trails:  The trails are a blast and difficulty range depends on snow conditions; the deeper the snow, the harder the trails.  Trails range from easy, passable with stock 4x4, to difficult gullies and hill climbs that will challenge built rigs with lockers.  Many trails go up and down deep ravines, expect rocks, stumps, logs and other natural obstacles that change from year to year.  Your trail leader will guide you to and through the trails, it's up to you to pick your level of fun.

More info and FAQ's:
  • Do I need to pre-register?  No need to pre register - we have room for all rigs; please do email us and let us know how many of your crew are coming; ask for directions and any question you have.When you get to the farm, check-in, register, tech inspection and we will get you set up with a similar sizes set of rigs and guide you out to the trails.
  • I'm brand new to offroading and have a stock jeep/4x4, do you have trails suitable for me?  YES we have guided trails runs for all skill levels.
  • Are tire chains allowed? YES they are allowed but not often used. A potential issue is damage to the truck with them on if they were not installed correctly.
  • No Alcohol on the trails, ever.  This keeps it safe for everyone.
  • Do I need to air my tires down?  This is highly recommended. Airing your tires to to about 15psi will greatly improve traction.  If you have not aired down and are getting stuck more than others then air down for more traction.
  • Are you new to Winter wheel'en? - check out our Winter Wheeling tips for Newbies page and also Offroad 4x4 lessons leaned, Tips, and Tricks FAQ
  • TIP: Bring (or purchase) FRS radio's .  We use these at event to communicate between rigs.
  • TIP: Bring along lunch, snacks, and water.
  • TIP: Dress extra warm and in layers
Videos of Past Winter Runs: Snow conditions differ greatly from year to year - from 3 inches to 3 feet!   Show your support for our sport like the video's and subscribe to MNTrailrders.
  • 2015 Over 75 4x4 rigs in attendance from stock daily drivers to built buggies. Only 4-6" of snow this year; but the warm tempatures made for icy conditions. Check out the fun in HD video at Winter Run Part1 and Winter Run Part2
  • 2014 Winter Run Video Part 1 and Part 2 Great time riding in the deep snow - check out all the rigs!
  • 2013  Winter Run Video  - Check out the riders, rigs, trail and snow conditions
  • 2012 Winter Run Video  - only 6-8 inches of snow this year
  • 2011 Winter Run Video  - lots of snow; 1-2 feet with drifts up to 3 feet
  • 2004 Winter Run Trail Report - Get your news the old fassion way, by reading about the event.
  • More videos of the farm in the sumer time on our Great Adventures page.
Contact:  email us at info@MNTrailRiders.org