Dave Jacobs gives Shane a pull backwards.

Dave Stauffer.

The Anderson family enjoying Pa's trails.

Keith in Cement Mixer.

Thick mud, huh?

The peanut gallery observes Keith in the mud.

Brian Simon tried it after Keith. Did I mention that only Dave Jacobs made it through this?

Brian did come close to getting through it though.

Dave Nutter hitched a ride with Dave Jacobs Sunday afternoon. It was his first time 4wheeling and he was really impressed

Nutter at the bottom of one of the climbs.

Pa says everyone needs to bow to Baldy if they want to have success on his biggest hill.

Dave Stauffer, Michael and Matthew Anderson and Buddy the dog.

Dave Stauffer on the Rock Pile.

Brian Simon digging some holes on the qualifier hill before Baldy.

Brian takes his hole digging seriously :)

Nutter on the qualifier hill.

Nutter on Baldy.

Look at the dirt fly.

Keith was the first over the top of Baldy.