Best Automatic Dirt Bikes For 2023

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Dirt bikes have always been about power. Typically running on petrol or diesel, riders always want the fastest, and sometimes loudest bikes available.

But times are changing, and a flurry of modern dirt bikes driven by electricity rather than fuel has arrived on the new dirt biking scene.

Best Automatic Dirt Bikes for 2022

When paired with the remainder of the automatic shifting, they provide a unique dirt riding environment.

Manual dirt bikes require more skill to ride than automatic dirt motorcycles, yet anyone can operate them safely without worrying about making mistakes or harming someone.

Children interested in attempting this pastime are welcome to climb on an automatic or electric dirt bike and enjoy the thrills without worrying about their parents’ safety.

This does not mean that they are not suitable for adults though. Adult beginners should also start with one of these because they are easier to use.

Many adults though then choose to stick with an automatic dirtbike because they like the way that it rides. 

If you are looking for your first auto dirt bike or a replacement for your old one, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will go through the very best automatic dirt bike models for 2023.

We will cover all the essential features that you need to know so you can make the best choice for yourself. 

At the end of this article, we have also added a buyer’s guide. This is very useful for beginners to look at as it shows all the essential features that you need to consider before spending your hard-earned money on one of these products. 

Let’s get into the reviews!

Yamaha TT-R110E

If you have done any research at all into automatic dirtbikes, then you almost certainly have come across the Yamaha brand.

That is one of the most favored and loved dirt bike brands out there due to its lineup of high-quality products. 

This model, the TT-R110E, has been precisely built for persons who like the thrill of an off-road dirt biking adventure.

The fact that this bike has four speeds does not mean that it has a conventional gear shift as seen on other bikes. It is equipped with a fully automatic clutch system, which makes learning to ride even easier.

While many automatic bikes are sized for children, the TT-R110E model is bigger and intended for teens and adults.

With a seat height of 26.4 inches, the saddle is most suited for older riders, although anybody interested in trying dirt bike riding for the first time can benefit from them as well.

The engine is fairly powerful, and it is recommended that you approach it with caution. As a result of its four gears, you’ll feel like you’re battling with the bike at times.

However, bike riding, in general, is very simple and straightforward because of the automatic shifting system. Even the ignition is electrical, making this bike usable by persons of all abilities and skill levels. 


  • Electrical Starter – this makes starting the bike very easy to do. If there is an issue with this starter though, a kick starter is also included
  • Easy To Control – the drum breaks that are on the front and back of the bike make it very easy to control the speed and movement of the bike
  • No Clutch – the semi-automatic gearbox means that there is no need for a clutch. This means that using the bike is very easy as you do not have to focus on switching gears
  • A Good Beginner Bike – whether you are buying this bike for your teenager or yourself, this bike is an excellent starter bike to get you used to the sensation of dirt biking


  • Expensive – for what is often considered to be a starter bike, this is very pricey. At some point your skill levels will outgrow this bike, meaning that you will have to spend even more money on a new one
  • Small – this is a pretty small dirt bike and so will only really be suitable for teenagers or smaller adults 

Electric Motion Escape R

For those who like dirt biking but do not want to be bothered by the noise caused by screaming engines, then this is the bike for you.

The Escape R was designed by a French electric bike manufacturer to provide an electric version of a dirt bike.

A dirt bike that makes no noise may sound like heresy to many people, but times are changing and so are motorcycle enthusiasts.

Just because it is quiet does not mean that this bike lacks power though. The EM Escape R is equipped with a powerful 125cc engine that allows it to get to speeds up to 44 miles per hour. 

Most importantly, it is ready to race as soon as you get it. As a result of its set of race-ready equipment, this is an outstanding choice if you want to take part in any competition.

Even if the standard model only has 8 horsepower, the manufacturer will provide you with a variation that can produce up to 20 horsepower, which is rather remarkable in this day and age.

You can go out on the track with the rest of the screaming motors and come away with the victory without making a sound.

The EM Escape R is an electric trials bike that has a ground-breaking hydraulic clutch (the first of its type on an electric dirt bike) that allows you to climb over any obstacles that were previously impossible to climb on an electric trial bike.


  • Very Powerful – with a 125cc engine and a top speed of 44mph, this is one of the more powerful electric dirt bikes
  • Hydraulic Clutch – the first of its kind on an electric bike, this makes it super easy to get over any high obstacles that have previously been too tough for electric bikes
  • Competition Grade Bike – if you are interested in taking part in various races and competitions, then this is the bike for you


  • Expensive – this bike is not on par with cheap automatic dirt bikes. It will often cost $1000 or more compared to a petrol bike of the same power
  • Riders May Miss The Noise – while having a silent bike has several advantages, dirt bike riders who have been riding for years often use the sound of the exhaust to estimate their revs, as typically the bikes do not come with a rev counter. It may be difficult for riders to make the switch to a silent bike after this

Honda CRF110F

Best Automatic Dirt Bikes for 2022

Honda is another famous brand that is very well-known for its dirt bike products. Honda is always on the hunt for the latest trends and novel bike designs to include in their product lineups.

It was for this reason that they created the CRF110F, which is an excellent model for everyone who enjoys riding automated bikes.

The engine has enough power to cope with the rough terrain, and the transmission has enough gears to get you up and down steep slopes.

If you do not enjoy cycling through gears all the time though, then you can just leave this bike in third gear and it will be able to handle almost any sort of terrain. 

The Honda CRF110F is a rugged motorbike that riders adore. The motorcycle is simple to start and emits less pollution due to the fuel injection system.

The combination of an automatic clutch and a four-speed transmission gives riders complete control of the bike.

Without the worry of stalling, gear change becomes more manageable. A solid steel frame and adequate suspension complete the bike.

This reliable bike performs extremely well on every terrain. It is an excellent choice for people of all levels, including beginners. 


  • High Performance – though this bike is smaller and designed more for beginners to intermediate riders, it includes some parts from bigger models, so you still get a lot of power and performance from it
  • Very Good Suspension – this is vital for any off-road riding as it helps you to stay balanced on the bike while also ensuring that you do not feel sore after riding all day on bumpy roads or terrain 
  • Automatic Clutch – this is perfect for beginners as it means that they will not have to worry about stalling the bike 
  • Very Durable Bike- everything from the frame to the brakes to the clutch is all made of very durable and high-quality materials. You will probably never have to do any serious maintenance on this bike, no matter how far you ride


  • Heavy – this is a pretty heavy bike, which means that kids or smaller teens/adults may struggle to move and control it 

Kawasaki KLX110R

Although Kawasaki’s 2023 KLX110R is a new dirt bike, it has the potential to help young riders go to the next level.

It’s a terrific progression bike for riders who previously owned a smaller Kawasaki dirt bike, as well as a great starting bike for an older child or teenager just learning to ride.

Along with an adaptive throttle limiter, a four-speed transmission with an automatic clutch, a lower chain guard, a variety of heat shields, and a lower chain guard, every mini-motor enthusiast will enjoy riding the new Kawasaki KLX110R in 2023.

Due to the KLX110R’s lightweight, dynamic motor, riders with the suitable hand size may ride it. The saddle, on the other hand, is not large enough to accommodate an adult, but it is great for children.

Because of the electronic starter and kill switch, beginners will have no problem riding the KLX110R.

Additionally, a lack of power is not a major problem, since this dirt bike is fitted with a manual kick-starter in case the battery runs out of charge.


  • A Good Progression Bike- if your child has mastered the basic skills of dirt biking and is ready to move on to the next level, this is an excellent bike to get them as it slowly gets them used to more power and torque
  • Safety Features Included – this is again excellent for beginners as it ensures that they can build up their skills safely and without the fear of injury. This will probably also give parents some peace of mind as well


  • Cannot Be Ridden On Major Roads – this bike lacks the essential things needed to ride on roads legally. It does not have any turn indicators or head/tail lights and is not street legal


The KTM 50 SX is an ideal entry-level dirt bike for both adults and children. It is equipped with a two-stroke 50cc engine and a single-speed automatic transmission, which avoids the possibility of excessive power and the need for gear changes.

It is the ideal bike for everyone who desires to enjoy the joys of off-road riding and the sensation of being on track. The saddle is sufficiently high to be comfortable, but the power output is nothing near that of real dirt bikes.

While this is one of the best adult starter bikes, it is usually used in children’s bike racing. Young racers with a competitive spirit will have a great time on this two-stroke, no-gear bike that is large and sturdy enough for children’s courses.

The high-quality components and innovative features on this bike make it perfect for even the tiniest racers.

Through the use of an automatic clutch, the engine delivers steady power, making it perfect for beginner riders. Additionally, this automatic 2 stroke dirt bike features a robust WP XACT front fork and shock absorber that enhance the enjoyment of riding.


  • Lightweight – compared to most other similar bikes, this is a super lightweight bike, which makes it easier for young riders to control
  • Long Lifespan – this bike is one that you or your child can use for a long time, even as your skills grow. You will not need to buy a replacement for a while as it incorporates a lot of features that bigger bikes do
  • Very Fast – if you are interested in racing, then speed will be a high priority for you


  • Very Loud – standard dirt bikes are usually loud, but this bike is very loud. If you live close to others, this bike will disturb the peace and may annoy your neighbors 

Buyers Guide

The dirt biking scene is huge, and there are a lot of dirt bikes to choose from. When it comes to choosing a dirt bike, you have to consider a lot of factors. Dirt bikes are intended to be fun vehicles capable of being tossed over a jump and safely landing, carving out a little muddy track, and riding through the dirt.

Best Automatic Dirt Bikes for 2022

On the other hand, a dirt bike should be tough enough to survive being catapulted off a jump or colliding with some bushes while carving that turn.

Here are the essential features that you need to consider when buying a dirt bike.  


The actual size and dimensions of the bike must be taken into account when choosing your bike. 

Dirt bikes have far more ground clearance than most street motorbikes, but if your feet cannot touch the ground while straddling the saddle, it is too big for you.

At the absolute least, you should be able to place the balls of your feet on the floor in case you need to “tip-toe” the bike through a muddy hole or stop for a rest after climbing a huge hill. 

Also, if you come to a complete stop to avoid anything dangerous and are unable to touch the ground with your feet, then you may fall and trap your leg under the bike. 

Some people can aid you in deciding the appropriate bike size if you buy your bike in person rather than online.

Never be afraid to stroll into a store that sells these bikes and chat with dirt bike men or women, as well as test ride a few motorcycles. They will almost certainly be able to identify the appropriate bike for your height and weight.

Your Skill Level

Dirt bikes are quite distinct from street bikes. While it’s a bit of an advantage if you’re familiar with riding a cruiser around city streets, you’ll be shocked at how different a dirt bike feels and rides. 

Dirt bikes are tiny and nimble. A dirt bike’s 250cc single-cylinder engine is equal to a street bike’s 650cc single-cylinder engine. 

This is why, if you weigh less than 180 pounds and are purchasing your first dirt bike, we recommend staying within the 125cc to 200cc displacement range. 

Also, keep away from motocross motorcycles. While they are referred to as “dirt bikes,” their main aim is to win races and so will be too fast and powerful for you. 

It is safer, to begin with, trail bikes if you want to ride entirely off-road, or a dual-sport if you intend to ride some legal on-road as well.

Test The Bike Before You Buy 

Numerous adventure sports and Powersports dealerships around the country will organize factory-sponsored demo days. They are put on in the late spring and during summer.

That these are learn-to-ride days. Nowadays, the manufacturer’s primary purpose is to sell a motorbike to a novice or experienced rider who is already versed with motorcycle riding principles. 

While dirt bikes are not authorized on public highways, a section of the parking lot should be roped off for riding off-road equipment in circles to get a feel for it.

Numerous areas that have outdoor motorsports parks or venues that organize public days allow you to rent a dirt bike and ride it on specially built terrain.

Many places now provide a 30-minute introduction to riding a dirt bike as part of their rental packages, advising you on how a dirt bike handles, rides, turns, and grips differently from a road cycle. 

Simply rent, borrow, or purchase a motorcycle helmet and motorsport-grade goggles designed for off-road riding and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave us today, check out our FAQ section to get all your last-minute questions answered. 

What’s An Automatic Bike?

Similar to a motorcycle with an automatic transmission, a dirt bike with an automatic transmission transmits power from the engine to the drivetrain through an automated gearbox.

It is a motorcycle equipped with a classic manual clutch that removes the necessity for gear changes. Due to the rider’s ability to just twist the throttle, the term “twist and go” is commonly used to describe automated motorcycles.

These kinds of bikes are designed specifically for off-road riding. They are fitted with off-road tires, a long-travel suspension, and some other off-road equipment for improved handling on uneven terrain.

Pit Bike Vs Dirt Bike – What’s The Difference?

For starters, a pit bike is a small motorcycle that was originally used to negotiate the pit areas in motorcycle races. They were historically similar to miniature dirt bikes with small engines and were used to transport racers and personnel. 

A dirt bike is a motorcycle designed specifically for off-road riding. It features knobby tires, 

long-travel suspension, and engines ranging in displacement from 80cc to 500cc.

Typically, an inexpensive, small-capacity pit bike is regarded as a dirt bike by the majority of people.

How Do Semi-Automatic Bikes Work?

While people typically think that semi-automatic bikes do not include a clutch, this is not true. These semi automatic dirt bikes have two clutches. 

One is a centrifugal clutch that ensures smooth operation, while the other is a foot-activated clutch that activates when you shift gears.

Both of these components work in combination to ensure smooth gear changes and engine stall prevention.

The clutchless dirt bike is a great choice for those looking for a bike that is easy to operate. With two clutches that work in combination, semi automatic dirt bike is able to provide smooth gear changes and prevent engine stalls.

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