Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Teenagers In 2023

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Are you contemplating buying a first dirt bike for your teenager but are unsure which model would be best for a beginner?

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Teenagers In 2022

Choosing the appropriate beginner dirt bike for your child is critical. Even more so if this is their first time riding, whether it’s on road or off road riding.

Dirt bike riding is an intimidating sport, and it’s easy to be scared by the leaps, twists and turns performed by expert riders on their powerful machines.

But, we are here to help! Today, we have the best dirt bikes on the market for teenagers. Keep reading to find out which are the best dirt bikes for starters and be sure to check out our buyer’s guide where we break down everything you need to consider when purchasing the best dirt bike for your kid

The best beginner dirt bike for teens must be lightweight and have enough power to get them going, but not too much power that they can’t handle. The best starter dirt bike will also come with adjustable suspension settings so you can customize the ride according to your kid’s size and riding style. Whether your teen is looking for an off-road thrill ride or a leisurely trail ride, there’s the best beginner dirtbike to suit their needs.

2023 Honda CRF250F

First up, we have the Honda CRF250F which is a fantastic introduction to dirt biking for parents.

The Honda CRF250F is an easy motocross bike to ride due to its air-cooled engine and lower seat height. Furthermore, it has a mild and mellow suspension.

The CRF250F is a larger 250cc dirt bike than the CRF230F. Additionally, the CRF250F has a raised seat, fuel injection, and an electronic starting system. This bike comes with both front and rear disc brakes.

The crf250f is a 250cc four-stroke trail motorbike with an air-cooled engine. It’s designed for inexperienced riders in need of an easy-to-ride, dependable dirt bike.

Like others motocross bikes Honda discontinued the CRF 230F in 2019 and replaced it with this motorcycle.

The CRF250R is a high-performance motocross dirt bike designed for circuit racing with plenty of jumps. A CRF250F is a low-performance trail bike that is ideal for beginner riders or people who don’t care about speed.

Another defining feature of the CRF250F is its full-sized tires.

The Honda CRF250F 2023 has a front tire that is 21 inches in diameter and a rear tire that measures 18 inches in diameter.

This is a wonderful technique to aid your teenager in rolling more successfully over obstacles than other beginner dirtbikes for teens with smaller tires.

If you’re an adult or a teenager of a proper size, the CRF 250F is an excellent entry-level motorcycle. I’ll go into further depth later, but the primary disadvantage is the 250f’s weight. It will be somewhat more difficult to control if you are a smaller or weaker rider.

Having said that, the CRF 250F is a delight to ride, thanks to its smooth and dependable engine and comfortable suspension, which is ideal for low-speed riding.


  • Air-Cooled Engine: This model has an air-cooled engine that is built to last.
  • Entry-Level Bike: The CRF 250F is perfect for beginners and could be considered as best dirt bike when you choose among all motorbikes for teenagers.
  • Mild Suspension: This bike has a mild and mellow suspension.


  • Heavy: This model could be too heavy for younger riders.

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2023 Yamaha TT-R 230

The Yamaha TT-R 230 is an excellent first bike for your teenager. Yamaha is recognized for producing high-quality dirt motorcycles with an emphasis on sportiness.

The TT-R230 is a straightforward single-track dirt bike fueled by a carburetor. With a straightforward air-cooled engine and a supple suspension. The seat height of the Yamaha TT-R 230 is about 34.3 inches.

The electronic start will assist your adolescent in starting the dirt bike independently. When your adolescent first begins riding dirt motorcycles, having an electric start significantly decreases their uneasiness.

The Yamaha TT-R 230 is a long-distance motorcycle. It is one of those rare motorcycles that retains its worth over time. This is an excellent way to introduce your adolescent to dirt riding.

The TT-R230 is a highly capable motorcycle that blends proven performance with an easy-to-ride, low-maintenance package.

The flat seat and tank connection, similar to those seen on a racing bike, provides the rider with more movement.

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Teenagers In 2022

The electric start simplifies beginning with a single press of a button. With its low seat height, long-travel suspension, and 11.6-inch ground clearance, this is a tough trail bike that is accessible to a broad spectrum of riders.

Large foldable cleated footpegs give additional stability in muddy or wet situations.


  • Brand Recognition: Yamaha is known for its high-quality bikes.
  • Low Maintenance: This model was built to last in good condition.
  • Electric Starter: This bike starts with the push of a button.


  • Cost: This is one of the more expensive models on this list.

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2023 Kawasaki KLX230R

The Kawasaki KLX230R and KLX230R S are off-road recreational trail bikes in the full-size class.

They share a trail-oriented engine and chassis design, as well as a long trip suspension with sufficient ground clearance for improved off-road performance.

The primary difference between the two is that the suspension of the KLX230R S has been altered to decrease the entire seat height by one inch when compared to the KLX230R.

It’s another way for Kawasaki to ensure that the KLX series includes an inexpensive, capable, and durable motorcycle that allows every rider in the family to experience off-road adventures.

Kawasaki designed the KLX230R to compete against Honda and Yamaha. The Kawasaki KLX230R delivers the same level of dependability and pleasure as Honda and Yamaha. This KLX is an excellent bike for teens.

Kawasaki also joins Honda with an air-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke engine.

With its electric start and fuel injection, this Kawasaki dirt bike is a delight for your adolescents to ride. This is an excellent way to introduce your teenagers to dirt riding. 

Additionally, the KLX230R is equipped with full-size tires.

The shorter KLX230R S off-road motorcycle is ideal for riders who desire a low seat height and high ground clearance but still want a full-size recreational trail bike.

The KLX230R S’s front and rear suspensions have been revised, resulting in a one-inch lower overall seat height than the KLX230R.


  • Kawasaki Brand: The Kawasaki brand is infamous amongst bike fans.
  • Electric Start And Fuel Injection: This makes this bike a great ride.
  • Full-Sized Tires: This bike has full dirt bike tires.


  • Low Seat: This may be uncomfortable for larger riders.

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Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Teenagers In 2022

2023 Kawasaki KLX300R

If you’re looking for a trail bike with a bigger, more contemporary suspension and higher seat height, this is the bike for you. Kawasaki views the KLX300R as a more capable off-road trail bike.

With a  fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, trail-tuned engine, the KLX300R provides more thrills and superior suspension on the trail than the other trail motorcycles featured.

Although it is a more novice to advanced trail dirt bike, I believe the Kawasaki KLX300R is an excellent adolescent starter dirt bike for those teenagers looking for more among advanced trail dirt bikes.

The KLX300R off-road motorcycle is a good compromise between a weekend toy and a racing machine.

The KLX300R is the KLX family’s flagship model, combining the best engine and chassis performance to create the ultimate lightweight, thrilling off-road motorcycle.

The electronic starter and keyless ignition are standard on the 292cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine. It has an easy-to-use six-speed manual transmission and clutch.

The KLX300R has full-size off-road wheels and tires with a front-wheel diameter of 21″ and a rear wheel diameter of 18″, as well as a long-travel suspension for superior ground clearance.

The KLX300R is the ultimate high-performance off-road trail bike, falling in between a weekend play bike and a race-ready KXTM competitive machine.

The KLX300R is the KLX family’s flagship model, combining the best engine and chassis characteristics to create the perfect off-road trail bike.

It’s a fun, lightweight off-road motorcycle that adds to the KLX line’s affordability, up’s capabilities, and durability, letting every rider in the family go out and tackle the trail.

Sometimes Kawasaki KLX300R compares to Honda CRF250F. However, CRF250F vs KLX300R comes down to personal preference. We hope our article will help you choose the best option for you.


  • Long Travel Suspension: This model has a long suspension to improve ground clearance.
  • Lightweight: This makes this model easy to ride.
  • High Performance: The KLX300R is made to compete with some of the best bikes going.


  • High Seat: This model has a bigger suspension and higher seat height, making this bike more suitable for older riders.

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2023 BETA Xtrainer 300

For 2023, Beta introduces the Xtrainer 300, which has a counterbalanced two-stroke motor.

If you’re searching for a more serious race-bred hard enduro bike for adolescents, go no further than the 2023 Beta Xtrainer.

Make no mistake about the 300 Xtrainer’s two-stroke engine. Beta designed the 300 Xtrainer motor to be very smooth and mellow. The Beta Xtrainer offers a smooth ride with enough power to crawl.

Additionally, the Xtrainer 300’s seat height is lower, which contributes to a more safe learning environment.

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Teenagers In 2022

It’s a detuned two-stroke engine that makes all the appropriate sounds and delivers power in a more approachable manner, making it popular with trail riders of all skill levels.

Individuals seeking a more pleasant ride on a mild-mannered motorcycle with a lighter clutch, little maintenance requirements, and, of course, a cheap sticker price.

The Xtrainer’s powerful disposition, along with its malleable chassis, has made it popular in certain extreme and severe enduro circles – during events like the Red Bull Romaniacs, X Trainers are lined up.

Naturally, a lower price in cheap dirt bikes implies a lesser quality for some parts and components – different tires, brakes, suspension, and chassis components.

Generally, the 300 Xtrainer is a good model of an off-road race bike.


  • Two-Stroke Motor: This is designed to counterbalance your bike.
  • Low Seat: This makes this model perfect for younger riders.
  • Low Maintenance: This bike does not need a high amount of maintenance.


  • Expensive: This is the most expensive bike on this list.

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Buyer’s Guide 

Are you unsure what you need to look for when selecting a dirt bike for teen? Let our buyer’s guide help you there! As dirt bike enthusiasts, we have broken down the key features you should look for when selecting your bike. Check them out now! 

Height And Weight

The rider’s height will determine the kind of dirt bike he or she will get. It is not recommended to stick to particular size criteria because everyone’s height varies.

Certain riders have longer torsos than others, while others have a greater reach with their legs.

You will need to test the dirt bike firsthand to see whether it is a good fit. Sit forward, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground and your back straight up and down.

While riding, keep your knees bent just enough to accommodate the tank while enabling you to propel your foot toward the front tire for maximum agility.

You can recognize it if you stand on your toes and try to balance on a huge bike. Additionally, if you are sitting flat-footed, the ride may be insufficient.

Motorcycles having a displacement of less than 250cc may be ridden by riders weighing less than 150 pounds.

Suspension for bigger riders is available on larger models such as the 250cc and 450cc. However, anything more than 250cc is suited for experienced riders.

New Or Old Bikes

Several fantastic pre-owned dirt motorcycles will fit your riding style. To begin, contact a local motocross community.

There is a good chance that you know someone who is selling or knows someone who knows someone who is selling an older model. Additionally, these communities will provide you with excellent riding ideas.

Another option is to search particular web forums for old dirt motorcycles. However, as with any online purchase, further caution is required.

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Teenagers In 2022

You should be prepared to fix a second-hand motorcycle in any condition. These expenses may even exceed the price of a new dirt bike.

A contemporary dirt bike is technologically advanced and built to last. Additionally, you have manufacturer support and a warranty, and it is beneficial to replace it if funds are available.


Dirt motorcycles are not inexpensive, and you want to get the most of your investment.

Certain models from respectable manufacturers might become rather costly, depending on the features they include. Additionally, you may get a good deal on a secondhand dirt bike.

Be sure to consider your budget before making your choice to ensure that you get the perfect dirt bike for your money. It’s also worth checking out any deals or waiting for the end-of-season sales that you could take advantage of.

Transmission System

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost or high-end bike for 14-year-olds, each one has a unique transmission mechanism. Automated transmissions are the most prevalent since they allow either manual or automatic gear changes. 

Others are semiautomatic and use a centrifugal clutch, requiring just gear changes. A manual gearbox would be tough for a 14-year-old child, thus an automatic transmission may be the best alternative unless you are convinced they are experienced enough.

Starter System

For beginners, electric start engines are the simplest starting technique. They are simple to start with the push of a button, and upkeep is a breeze.

If your youngster is still a beginner rider, this is an excellent choice. They will, however, often ride a more powerful bike with a kick-starting if they have more expertise.

Wheel Size

The wheel size affects how a youngster feels when riding a bike. Bikes with smaller wheels make turning easier and also give the dirt bike rider a sensation of lightness.

They may, however, be more prone to denting, especially if there are many bumps. On the other side, bigger wheels often result in taller bikes, which is beneficial if your 14-year-old is a bit tall.

2-Stroke Or 4-Stroke

Motorcycle engines are available in two- or four-stroke configurations. Before you acquire a bicycle, familiarize yourself with the distinctions between the two.

The 4-stroke engine is the better option for 14-year-old children since it creates power via the rotation of both crankshafts. This results in much smoother acceleration and jerky movements.

The choice between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines is entirely subjective and up to the rider.

Two-strokes are lighter and easier to ride than four-strokes, making them excellent for beginners. Additionally, they are quick and generate power at greater revolutions per minute.

Although two-stroke engines are easy to repair and maintain, they need a precise air/fuel ratio to run well.

Motorcycles with four-stroke engines are larger than two-stroke engines and are more prevalent in motocross.

Novices may have difficulties operating 4-stroke bikes due to their greater weight and height. By and large, four-stroke engines are better for long trips.

Bike Power

If your child is inexperienced, you should buy a lightweight bike for them. It will be easier if they are introduced gradually until they develop and gain expertise.

By that time, it will be more convenient and safer to give them a much more powerful bike.


The color and design of your child’s bike are chosen more by his or her hobbies than by practical or technical factors.

Dirt bikes are available in some models, colors, and configurations, and your child will undoubtedly want an appealing dirt bike

Discuss their choices with them in this case to avoid any awkward talks at the shops.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before you leave us, get your last-minute questions answered today! 

Where Can Teenagers Learn To Ride Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bikes are not intended for use on public highways. Indeed, riding a dirt bike on public roads is illegal unless the machine has been modified.

Where can a newbie learn to ride a dirt bike? Not to worry; a few viable options exist:

Private Land

It is permitted to ride a dirt bike carelessly only on private land; nonetheless, the noise may annoy close neighbors.

Authorization is necessary if the area is privately held, and you should never trespass on private property without permission.


Dirt bikes are intended for off-road usage in areas such as woodlands, mountains, and deserts. Several of these groups contain trail networks, depending on your location.

These pathways are very delightful since they provide a variety of terrains and levels of difficulty. All that is required on government-run trails are daily user licenses and, in some circumstances, a spark arrestor.


The best aspect of dirt bike riding is the proliferation of instructional institutions and community courses around the country.

These establishments will have closed-off beginner tracks where you may learn to ride your bike safely. After you’ve developed your powers, you may go to more challenging tracks and riding trails.

How Old Do You Have To Be to Ride Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bike riding and trail riding are often recommended for youngsters ages 13 and above. You may, however, teach the sport to younger children under the supervision of an adult.

Adults who are in good physical condition may also begin learning the sport by choosing a beginner bike.

What Is A Good Bike for A 14 Year Old?

Bike riding is a wonderful outdoor activity for your kid if you’re wanting to get them outside and away from their phones.

This alone is motivation enough to begin searching for and learning about dirt motorcycles.

Naturally, this will be difficult, since there are several possibilities and you want to provide your child with the nicest bike possible. As shown in this essay, three critical elements impact your decision.

Several of these variables include your child’s height, weight, and level of expertise. Children under the age of 14 often lack experience.

They may be taller or shorter than the average person their age, as well as heavier or lighter.

You should also consider the safety features that are included in teenage dirt bikes such as foot pegs, handlebars, and brakes to ensure that your youngster is safe while riding.

This complicates the task of selecting a good bike for 14-year-olds. Rather than focusing just on your child’s age, you should consider the factors listed above, as well as the dirt bike characteristics that are appropriate for your youngster.

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