How To Start A Dirt Bike

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Dirt bikes are fun, exciting, and very affordable. They also provide great exercise and get you out into nature. If you want to try riding a dirt bike, you should consider buying a new or used one.

How To Start A Dirt Bike

There are two main types of dirt bikes: motocross and supermoto. Motocross bikes are designed for racing and speed, whereas supermotos are designed for off-road trails and adventure riding.

Dirt bikes come in various sizes and price ranges, from $500 to over $10,000.

You can choose between a new or used dirt bike. Used bikes usually cost less than new ones, but they require maintenance.

Used bikes are generally cheaper, but they may need some repairs before you ride them.

How To Start A Dirt Bike

Before you buy your first dirt bike, there are several things that you will need to do.

You will need to know how to drive on the road safely, as well as what kind of terrain you plan to ride on.

Also, if you have never ridden a motorcycle before, you will need to learn how to handle it properly.

You’ll also need to learn how to start it properly. When it comes to dirt bikes, they don’t have a key.

This means you are likely to have the choice between a kick-start (manually kicking it), or an electric start (the pushing of a button).

However, some bikes may only have one of those options, while some may have both of them. 

This article will be explaining how you can start your dirt bike using both methods. 

Before You Try Starting Your Dirt Bike

Before you try starting your dirt bike, there are certain things you need to make sure of. You must ensure you are wearing the appropriate gear.

This includes a helmet, long sleeves and pants, and strong sturdy boots. 

You must also make sure your bike is in good condition, and the engine is tuned well. Ensuring that your bike is filled with the proper gas is also essential. 

Using An Electric Starter

If you’re going to use an electric starter, then you will need to prepare your bike by removing everything from it.

You will also need to remove any parts that could cause damage when starting your bike. 

When you’ve removed all the items from your bike, you will need to clean it thoroughly. Then, you will need to lubricate the chain and sprockets, if they need it.

The last thing you would do is turn the ignition switch to “on.”

After turning the ignition switch to “On,” you will need to hold the throttle open until the engine starts running.

Once the engine has started, you will need to release the clutch pedal so that you can shift gears.

After shifting gears, you will need to slowly press the accelerator pedal down. It’s important to keep pressure on the pedal because if you let up too much, you could stall.

As soon as you feel the engine revving, you will need to apply more pressure to the pedal.

Once the engine is running smoothly, you are good to continue to ride your bike.  

Starting A Dirt Bike Using Kick-Starts

How To Start A Dirt Bike

If you want to use a kick-start, then you will need the same preparation steps as above. If you haven’t done this yet, then now is the time to do it.

Then, you are to pull out the kick-starter pedal. As you pull it out, you will notice when pulling that there is a particular spot it hits.

This is where you want the lever to be when you put your foot on it. You will notice it as a hard spot. 

You must ensure to put your foot on that spot where you feel the lever harden. If you begin to kick before that spot, you could damage some parts of the bike. 

It is easiest to crank the bike in neutral, and then put it into gear when the engine is running.

Once it is in neutral, you should pull out the kick-starter and have your foot guide it to around 3 inches down.

This is where the kick-starter will stop, and you are to begin kicking down from this spot. 

It may take a couple of kicks, but continue to do so until the motor begins to start. 

Find The ‘Choke’

Sometimes your bike may need the assistance of the ‘choke’ in order for it to start with a kick-start. It is a little knob that is pulled out, and it is usually placed on the left-hand side of the bike.

This knob sends more fuel to the fuel injector, making it easier to crank. 

The ‘choke’ is especially useful when your bike is cold, and this is likely to be the first time you are cranking it up that day.

Once the bike has been cranked, and it has warmed up, it is best to turn the ‘choke’ off, as leaving it on too long will send too much fuel to the motor and this can lead to issues. 

Is It Better To Have A Kick-Start Or Electric Start? 

While electric starts are easy and convenient, a kick-start requires less maintenance and is less likely to fail on you. This is especially important if you were to break down. 

The way electric starters work is, that at the push of a button, it sends electric currents to the battery. Then the battery will spin the gears on the crankshaft, and then this causes the motor to start. 

These electric starts are great in case you stall, as they require less energy to start than kick-starters. 

All in all, they require less work to get started, which is a very big benefit on its own. 

However, despite the benefits, electric starters do tend to fail quite often, which is why many bikes also have a kick-starter.

They also require a battery for them to work properly, and batteries can also fail. They are also quite pricey to replace. 

When it comes to kick-starters, you just need to kick a certain pedal in order for the bike to start.

There are an array of benefits when it comes to kick-starters, and one of them is that they do not fail as often as electric starters do. 

There is less chance of the kick-starter breaking as there are fewer wires and electrics involved.

They also don’t need a battery to work, saving you a lot of money, and this will also make your bike much lighter (if there is no electric function). 

However, kick-starting a bike can be a pain, especially if the bike is cold. This means it can take quite a few kicks for the bike to start. 

Final Thoughts 

Starting your bike is pretty straightforward no matter what method you use. The best scenario is if you have a bike that has both an electric and kick-start function.

This means that if your electric start function were to fail, you can use the kick-starter to get you going. 

While kick-starters require strength and energy, they are easier to maintain and less likely to fail on you.

You just need to make sure you are regularly starting your bike if you are experiencing cold weather, as a cold engine that isn’t being warmed up could lead to damage. 

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